Enerdes REC450EC6000AZW

REC450EC6000 is a energy efficient EBM Papst fan that can be 100% controlled, of course depending on the selected control. The fan has an unimpeded air flow up to 6.200 m3 per hour. Obstructed, the air flow is 5.400 m3 per hour @ 50Pa.

On/ off control

The on/off control is the most cost-efficient choice. You can give all fans once a particular speed and ramp up time. Than you can only switch the fans on and off. If you want to have more control over your fans, this fan is also available using manual control or wireless control.

EC-Technology from EBM Papst

Enerdes is the exclusive dealer of EBM Papst EC-fans for the horticulture industry. The EC technology has both ecologically and economically excellent quality. EC-fans move up to 2 times more volume than comparable AC-fans at the same power consumption. They also have a very long lifespan and are energy efficient.

Directly from the specialist

The Enerdes fans are made based on our extensive knowledge about greenhouse climates. Enerdes is specialized in air handling and the treatment of air as also tailor-made turn-key energy systems. We supply our fans often in combination with air distribution hoses and end caps.
Enerdes fans compared to competition

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Unimpeded air flow: 6.200m3/hour
Obstructed air flow: 5.400m3/hour @50Pa
Control: on/off
Use: under the gutters
Color fan: black
Color reducer: white